Monday, 12 October 2009

& then a marriage began

In a real Sunrise, Sunset moment it occurred to me while I was standing up there next to Jacqueline that someday I would be an old lady watching my grandchildren do this same thing. And I would remember this wedding, and my own of course, and my childrens'. This was one of the 'big' moments, and I'm happy I was granted a second to take it in.

I can tell it was a good time because photos from the day pretty much stop at this point. It was time to celebrate and that meant my love putting the camera away.

Sad note, and I'm just thinking out loud here. I wonder how it'll be for them, looking at their wedding photos years from now? I mean, I cherish ours, but there's a real sadness to it as well. I'm not sure if sadness is the right word. Is there a word for bittersweet, only stronger? Like reallybitterextremelysweet? Poignant. It's the last time I would ever see my grandfather walking and talking the way he always did, the way I grew up remembering him, before his stroke less than two years later. People have died. One person can no longer breathe without a ventilator. All this in only five years. The pictures from that day and night temporarily immortalized us all in this stage of sheer happiness but then life kept right on going. I know we need to appreciate appreciate appreciate and not take the joy moments for granted-- it's just a hard pill to swallow when it stares at you in the face on film.

enough with the Debbie Downer now.
my cue to get to bed.
May they always feel the same connected-ness that they did when this photo was taken.

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