Tuesday, 16 March 2010

St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow--

Yeah yeah, I'll throw on some green scrubs for work but really am solely concerned with the menu. 

Last year...I remember cooking up a storm for it. Watercress soup dipped with these delicious toasts already spread with a relish of anchovy and butter and shallot and shall I go on? Guinness cupcakes with espresso cream frosting (here)..that skyrocketed me as a shoo-in for Wife of the Year 2009 but inevitably I blew it the next month. (I'm already out of the running for 2010 after making Steve cancel our wine club membership. I mean, really? With a wife four months pregnant that is just silly.)

...while this year I don't have it as together as all that. With three recipes to choose from, I want to make Irish soda bread and will try to convince my dinner date, Marmousch, to make Suzanne Goin's recipe for corned beef and cabbage with parsley-mustard sauce (from Sunday Suppers at Lucques). By the end of the night it won't be just Irish eyes that are smiling.


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