Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Tuesday, Random

  • Yesterday was our tax day. It was brutal. I. hate. 1099's!
  • I don't like sleeping without Steve at night but love snuggling with him for afternoon naps when I get off work.
  • Last week I had a turnip inside me. And now a grapefruit? Can that be right? 
  • Am looking forward to my first prenatal massage soon. With growing belly resting on a pillow.
  • Soon the baby is going to be able to hear my voice so am I really going to curb the cursing? At any rate I need to start reading out loud more. Thinking of starting with Il Piccolo Principe in Italian (Le Petit Prince by Saint-Exupery). 
  • I love that I can tell Steve absolutely anything. I can't imagine it any other way.
  • Teepee or a rocking horse for that corner in the baby's room? For what it's worth I have a great one in mind for either. 
  • Love looking down at my feet after I've gotten a pedicure.
  • It's awesome working in a hospital again. And to be contributing to a retirement plan again.
  • Sunday's breakfast included these dreamy orange scones, right now I'm making white cupcakes with sweetened condensed milk "frosting," and dinner tonight was a pan bagnat, a sammich that would have made Bill Huxtable blush.
  • Steve working nights means I go to bed too late doing nonsense. And pay for it the next morning.
  • I need a haircut. Oh how I need a haircut. 
  • I bought some chai powder mix but it's way too sweet for my liking. Who can I pawn it off to?
  • Steve is going to be surprised with spring training baseball tix while I get my massage. It will be his third game this year, he has done well.
  • Am two shakes and a lamb's tail away from a new, handmade, very oh-so-spring blanket on our bed. Not that I don't love last winter's Anthro comforter, but this one is perfect for the now.
  • Marmousch, Steve + I are taking a mini road trip Friday night. I am excited. 
  • I think Easter week is one of my favorites of the year. More laidback than Christmas, weather is (usually) stunning, music in church is brilliant, and there's picnicking to be had.
  • I am off to eat a cupcake now. The rest I'll give away (promise).

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