Monday, 28 March 2011

Our weekend

We had a sweet and relaxing weekend. I went running (twice! and with my ipod, a rare luxury these days), we spent lots of time driving around trying to get Wugs to nap (she didn't), we discovered a wonderful French bakery in our corner of the world, there was a Mama + Wugs bubble bath, Mila finally fit (sort of) in the bucket swings at the park, and there was a foodie adventure. Yes, we still go on our foodie adventures with a baby in tow, just not the high-end ones. It sometimes means scarfing down your lemon-and-gingerbread pancakes while your husband walks around with the baby. 

check out the chubby little hand to the right.
So on Sunday we headed to South San Francisco for Outside in X, basically a street-food party with local carts/trucks dishing up their food. My favorites were the ones I got seconds on: the belphuri from Soul Cocina and the white chocolate and beet cupcake with saffron frosting from Les Elements. I did indeed say beets and cupcake in the same sentence and it was amazeballs. I'm going to try to recreate the belphuri at home but the cupcakes I will leave to the pros...I'll just have to get them at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market one Saturday. Poor Wugs got lots of my crumbs as apparently I'm not good at eating when wearing her in the ergo. Good times.

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