Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A doll for Wugs

I mentioned last year that I made something special for the Wugs' first Christmas. It was a doll. I wanted to be the one to give Mila her first doll...and when I saw this one and even cooler, accessories, I thought it was perfect. Simple, scrappy, quirky, easy to love and put through the ringer like I hope she will in the next few years. The doll doesn't have a name--yet; I'm sure Wugs will christen her in due time. Except for the muslin and brown felt for hair I used all fabrics which I already had on hand; this project is perfect for fabric scraps. The smile is crooked because when Mila was a baby (I mean a baby baby, a few days old) there was a moment in the middle of the night when she was screaming, nothing I was doing was helping, and finally she just abruptly stopped. And gave me this sideways glance with one corner of her mouth turned up. That's right, our newborn was smirking at me! So that moment is forever memorialized in this, her first doll.

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