Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Indian Summer

Indian summer! Indian summer! Indian summer has descended upon us! I didn't believe in it, all you Californians, I thought it was something you were making up just to defend all my whining about how miserably cold I was and how wrong it feels to put a wool hat on my daughter in July. Just plain wrong. But no, I apologize, I should have had more faith in you. Today they opened the doors wide open during music group! I am sweating! Are you really going to last through October, Indian summer? Oh pretty please?

Woohoo! It is so hot we are topless up in here!
Well, alrighty then, here we go. We'll make the most of you, Indian Summer. We're heading on our FIRST WUGS CAMPING TRIP! It's a local one, we're just testing the waters really, but I am still so excited. Husband is outside packing up the car as I type. I still have so much to pack and prepare tonight--cornbread to bake, s'mores essentials too!--I love the night-before frenzies. And OH, Indian Summer, do you think we could even get a little swimming in? The kind with just the right balance of toasty air outside and cool-but-not-freezing water inside. And just a few more weeks for open-toed sandals? Wugs and I got matchy-matchy ones and we look pretty awesome in them if I do say so m'self. Am I asking too much now, Indian Summer? Fine. I will take what you give me. Your nonbeliever no more.

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