Sunday, 25 September 2011

The last of the summer food pictures

first a gratuitous straw-drinking shot.

fry bread! from here.

Wugs' first taste of ice cream - from Ici

kale chips--Wugs went apey over these

red velvet strawberry shortcake

Also worth mentioning:
this shrimp, bacon and avocado salad
this chocolate pretzel tart. I was CRAZY about the crust, not so much about the filling for some reason. But the crust was amazing. So much so that I scooped out the filling and ate just the crust in its entirety one day while Steve was at work. When he inevitably asked me for a piece I told him I had spotted a bug on it so threw it all away. Despicable!  (He doesn't read this blog very often so I think my secret will be safe.)

 -Um, I can't really remember anything else. It's all a blur and now my food brain is going nuts over butternut squash recipes and homemade cider and roast chicken. You know, fall stuff.

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Steve said...

I do read this blog and now I know your secret---it is sift cupcakes for my ride home tonight.