Sunday, 25 September 2011

We came, we saw, we camped.

Kirby Cove, we liked you. I had always wanted to camp beneath the Golden Gate Bridge although blaring foghorns every 6-15 seconds certainly wasn't part of the fantasy. Yikes.
  • We need a bigger tent. Duh. This little person surprisingly takes up a lot of room (especially when sleeping).
  • If the boys' cold-weather pajamas at REI are $25 cheaper than the girls' version than good golly dress your little lady in blue stripes! Have faith, she can pull it off. Even while wearing a lumberjack pullover on top. And even if she's still as bald as the day she was born ;)
  • I've said this before but Thank you, Thank you God for breastfeeding! I don't know how people get through those incoming molars without it. Not directly related to camping but oh. it. was.
  • It just isn't the same without the blazing fire and s'mores (refer to the pic above. Just our luck!). But on the flip side, going out to eat in Sausalito meant me eating my first caramel apple of the season. I will be trying to recreate it over and over again as a result.
Aside from the obvious camping stint, a few other firsts for Wugs happened:
1st taste of chocolate ice cream (pit stop through the city). 1st deer sighting. 1st wheelbarrow ride.

Oh and check out her headlamp. Coolest camper award, no?

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