Friday, 5 April 2013

More Easter 2013.

Another onslaught of pictures from our happy Easter. Steve was working, sad face, but I can't/won't complain since because of his paternity leave he was home for all of the winter holidays of 2012/2013. Holidays are a given when you're a nurse.

We were at my parents' and had a wonderful time. Amazing food (Marmousch is such an inspiring cook!), good company, Dani napped during lunch and even Mila conked out after her milk chocolate sugar rush. A great day.

And notice Lamb's very pregnant belly? (Hi sweet nephew!) We're celebrating her this weekend at her baby shower. I'm leaving Wugs at home where she'll spend her First Ever Papa-Mila Weekend which Steve promises to be devoid of all nutrition and full of kite-flying, fishing, and fort-making. It's gonna be good. I'm hoping he sends me a picture from time to time to ease my homesickness until Dani and I finally come back to our crazy crew on Sunday.

p.s. It happened. Someone asked Mila what her name was yesterday and she replied, "Wugs."

p.p.s. I indigo-dyed Mila's dress 2 days before Easter. I loved it and now want to indigo dye everything in sight! So vibrant for spring, don't you think?

p.p.p.s. Mila got a ukulele for Easter. Now her and Steve can jam side by side. Pictures coming!

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