Thursday, 27 February 2014

And she's off.

Steve took these photos of Dani Lu (and my arms) last month and now looking back I'm so grateful for them. I mean, I'm grateful for each and every photo I get of our family (I read somewhere recently that it makes the past less bittersweet, to have captured it in time for a split second. beautiful sentiment, no?). This little snippet, though, is particularly meaningful because Dani is finally walking as of February 7th. She had been teasing us with 3-4 steps unassisted here and there ever since New Year's, but sporadically. Friday morning after breakfast she grabbed her little stick duck toy and started walking with it--that's when I knew it was a matter of hours. Sure enough by that afternoon she was toddling around, 10 plus feet. Even turning! It's as though a lightbulb went off for her. Mila was not even 11 months when she took her first steps; Dani was 15 months, but it's been no less thrilling this time around. Watching her go from baby to toddler before my eyes. And of course, always bittersweet as they pass onto the next phase. The world is hers for the taking now. I'm grateful I get to be part of it, every day.

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