Friday, 28 February 2014

remember the heart piñata?

March is here (hiya!) and all the hearts and glitter and Valentine things have slowly trickled out...heart balloons have long stopped floating, the chair envelopes put away 'till next year. Our heart  piñata graced us with place of pride on our mantel this past month. I didn't put anything else up there, just that giant gold-fringed heart. I know it seems like just a silly little (big) heart, and sure it's a piñata they're made to be broken. To me it symbolizes so much more. I made it during a time when I was being stretched continuously, it seemed--Dani was just a few months old, I was racked with guilt over not being able to give either of the girls enough attention and energy, we had just moved across the country, spent a good 5 weeks at my parents' waiting for our furniture to arrive and now we were in yet another apartment, semi-settled in. Not wanting to get too comfortable because we had high hopes of finding a home soon, but craving desperately some sort of normalcy. Somewhere to set down roots and spend at least the next decade in. I don't know what it was about that piñata but when I saw the picture of it on Studio DIY I had to make it. Back then Dani would sleep a good portion of the evening in her swing before waking up--so there I was, cutting giant heart out of a moving box and fringing gold mylar with my rotary cutter on the kitchen linoleum. Making something beautiful. Bringing a quiet, settled feeling into my heart and oh, how I needed that just then. 

So yeah. Not ready to turn it into a true piñata by breaking it just yet. Right now it's just fine where it's at, dazzling us from its perch all February long. See you again next February*, Goldie.

*and hopefully there will be actual paint on those walls and not just stripped wallpaper by then :)

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