Saturday, 15 February 2014

bits of Valentine's 2014

oops, I pressed publish waaaay too soon!
Ours was really nice. I realize that for a lot of people it can be a real downer of a day, very overhyped, very isolating...I get it. I really do. I remember how that felt. But for me it's become such a sweet, fun little day to show the people around us how much we love and appreciate them being..them. I don't like going out for dinner that night--restaurants are usually overwhelmed and overloaded with other Valentiners. I'm not looking for grand gestures, my husband gets up every morning and works hard for us. He misses out on a lot of our adventures, even the mundane day-to-day that I sometimes find myself taking for granted--he doesn't see the way Dani has started flirting with us by way of clacking her teeth (it's adorable) or know which baby of Mila's is celebrating a birthday that day (even she loses track). And he mostly never complains (mostly ;) Aaaaand every so often he says thank you to me for the stuff that goes down over here while he's gone. Truly a 'thank you' is all the gesture I need.

sad little cake. oh well.

cupid's bow for the teepee.

I think this is one of my all-time favorite pictures of the girls together. Just look at Dani and her baby! And FYI that's Mila's holding-in-pee pose.

we always have pink (raspberry) milk on Valentine's.


I think this was round 3 of Valentine card making. Mila and glitter. Oh man.

this year's Valentine's which I failed at and only gave them out to like 4 people :( 2 of which were late. If I see you soon and thrust popcorn into your hand--I'm sorry!

Dani Lu and paint. Oh man.

heart cinnamon rolls. don't worry all this sugar was spread out over a few days. it was a long, drawn-out sugarfest.

just my Scrubby Lu loving up on her heart balloons. nbd.
 So for Valentine's Day this year he wasn't scheduled to work...but then overtime was offered...and you see where this is headed. Valentine's shmalentines. Steve missing Mila's or Dani's birthday: not okay. Missing Valentine's: okay. The girls and I had a sweet, low-key Valentine breakfast complete with heart balloons (balloons! always a win!), crepe paper roses I made, a couple little gifts for them tucked into their chair envelopes. Then we spent the day with Marmousch. It was beautiful out, we went picnicking, saw a manatee, had some park time,  I told Wugs one thousand times to get off the rocks, I told Dani 750 times to get off the rocks, there were donut holes, there was my sad little cake which was supposed to mimic a conversation heart, which I will not be reattempting. Mila went off on a sleepover to Nonna's (thank you thank you Nonna!) and it was just us Dani and mama chickens at home for a couple nice hours. Put her to (sidecar) crib, lit some candles, Steve came home with takeout from Outback and it was 2003 again. Minus the baby(s) and Sochi on tv that's a lot like how our first Valentine's day together went. Coconut shrimp, candles and all. See, even back then we stayed in like all the cool kids do.

and, it was all worth it to hear Mila say, "Thank you for making everything so nice, Mama" that morning when she walked into the dining room.
and then, just this morning, she told me, "I LOVE Valentine's!" Which dissipated any thoughts I might have had that I didn't make our love day a big enough deal. It was enough and will always be enough, as long as we have each other.

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