Thursday, 6 February 2014


Tomorrow officially kicks off the Winter Olympics and I am not even kidding, thus kicks off my favorite two week period that happens every other year. Seriously it's my favorite. More than Christmas, more than birthday season in summer, more than Easter (Easter! it'll be here in a blink.). I I LOVE the Olympics in a crazy stupid way...for those two weeks our TV is on all the time, evenings are spent glued to it all and it's just the best. The human interest stories, Bob Costa's voice, the familiar duuuuuuum-duuuuuuuuum-da-dum-dum-dum music, the medal ceremonies. ALL OF IT. If push came to shove I'd probably pick summer over winter Olympics but there was a legit time when I was younger that I deluded myself into thinking I should've been a figure skater. In Florida! Only my mom and sister will remember that phase I'm sure. It was an awkward one. 

I tried to get all my sewing projects out of the way by tonight so that I could just relax with a good garland knitting book computer whatever I'm doing at the moment but that didn't happen. Oh well, nothing that can't wait for a few weeks! OLYMPICS! Let's watch some amazing stuff happen!!

future Olympian perchance?

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