Sunday, 6 September 2009

Corsa degli Scalzi

Today is the corsa degli scalzi, a big celebration in marmee's hometown of Cabras:

In the village of Cabras (West coast of Sardinia), the first Sunday of September visitors can assist to the barefoot run, "corsa degli scalzi", a procession at a run, while the statue of the Saint Salvatore is brought from the village of Cabras to the church Pieve of Saint Mary. The origin of this run are not sure, but the legend says that in 1506, during the barbaric invasions, while men were in charge of defending the coast, women saved the Saint, moving him to the village of Cabras. This event is very famous in the island, either for the barefoot participants dressed with a white tunic or the deep religious devotion of locals.

I had never gotten to see it (I don't count the year I was one) until last year. Lamb and I were awoken to the sound of pealing, I mean peeeeeaaaaaaaling church bells--the kind of pealing they excel at only in Europe, it seems. Getting dressed in silence and then groggily stumbling out the door, we walked bleary-eyed to a point at the edge of town and waited until we saw the mass of white approach:

With her camera Lamb took a movie of the whole thing which is so cool, you can hear them praying and shouting all at once; I'll have to see if I can somehow download that here at some point.

Update: we actually got to see it again yesterday...I'll be posting pictures when we get back home.

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