Tuesday, 1 September 2009

a long-overdue review

of my 2009 resolutions.
  1. Eliminate our debt. done! I am so proud of us.
  2. Go to Africa. flights are booked, vaccinations gotten, no turning back now.
  3. Exercise at least 4x/week-- yoga, running, or pilates. got off to a rough start at the beginning of the year, but this got boatloads better in spring and summer. Even if it meant getting up at 4:45 am for a while there.
  4. Stop cursing. mmmmm, no...not so much. Need to work on this. But maybe the resolution should have been to curse less, not stop altogether.
  5. Blog more. yup.
  6. Plan meals each week, including 1x/week grocery shopping rather than 5 or 6. I still suck at this. it's the grocery shopping part that blows. I have a new plan to try in Florida that hopefully will be more successful.
  7. Join a CSA this summer for our fruits and veggies. No, but only because the CSAs wanted a year commitment and we were moving. It's gonna happen in Florida.
  8. Make a big deal out of my family and friends' birthdays, since I know how great it feels to have a big deal made out of mine. Maybe a 50% fail rate here. It's a lot easier making a big to-do of the birthday when the person is nearby, of course. When there's a mailing that needs to be done in advance I fall short. Again, I need to get better at planning ahead.
  9. Throw the best-ever bridal shower for my sister. it's in the works
  10. Give my husband a 10-second kiss every day. admittedly sometimes this doesn't happen. I'm going to go smooch on him right now.
  11. Be more informed about current events (don't live in a bubble). Still sorely lacking in this. I want to subscribe to the Sunday NY Times when we move back home. Not sure if that will help but I love the romantic idea of opening the front door to a newspaper on the stoop.
  12. Go for a picnic at the Palace of Fine Arts (it was undergoing renovation when we were living in SF). what an awesome day that was.
  13. Make handmade cards. yes for husband and close family. or the "sorry for getting you drunk" card I made for a friend last March. other lovies get pretty letterpress cards that I can't resist buying.
  14. Plan a wonderful Valentine's Day. For the first time in years Steve has off the 14th. it was wonderful, in our typically off-kilter way. pillow fights and po-boys.
  15. Just roll with it. Wabi sabi. Life is imperfect. Getting better. Always a work in progress.

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