Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Lamb's shower

...is today (even though she is stubbornly insisting on calling it a ladies' luncheon to ward off presents. Such an icky term. ) Marmee is leading a cooking class making homemade malloreddus and then we'll all gather at a long table to feast. I get to decorate my heart out. I'll post pictures when we get back stateside.

The significance of the papel picado flags. I know it's a Mexican thing, but in Sardegna they hang garland flags that look nearly identical to this for the town's annual festivals (in honor of the patron saint--in Cabras it's Santa Maria on May 24th, for example). Lamb and I loved these flags when we were little. We'd take pictures of them, try to somehow take a few as souvenirs from our precarious perch on nonna's balcony, and I think it's just generally easy to see how the flags equal happy, festive emotions. I came across these flags on etsy here and ding! the lightbulb went off on how I wanted lamb's shower to look.

San Giovanni, the back courtyard, with the papel picado flags strung across. Hand-written menus. Lamb's-baby-pictures-as-placecards. This chocolate cake.

I hope it's all turning out as pretty in real life as it did in my head. Update: it did! I can't wait to share pictures.

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Anonymous said...

it was better in real life than I could have ever imagined...thank you lamb!!!!