Thursday, 10 September 2009

My little sister getting married. Today!

The same girl who did the burr-butt, would come knocking on my door every night nearly in tears asking me to let her sleep in my bed, who played with me in hotel bathrooms as we waited for my parents to wake up when on vacation, would put her arms around everyone's necks and not let go for dear life when in any all swimming pools, ran from the tippity-top of the bubble tub ride at Wet 'n Wild all the way to the bottom just as we were boarding our raft...but lest you think she's not tough...this is also the same girl whom I cheered my heart out for as she placed in the top 10 at cross-country regionals (as a junior!), who pulled off the most consummately professional interview ever during her confirmation process (while I proceeded to collapse in fits of giggles), and who I watched grow up into this awesome person with one of the hugest hearts of surely anyone I'll ever meet. I love you Lamb. You're the best sister a girl could ever ask for.


Anonymous said...

congrats to your sister! what a sweet picture and what great stories. so funny about hotel bathrooms. isn't it amazing as an adult to have someone to remember these things with?

Jacqueline said...

awww...thank you was very special because everyone we love was present.