Monday, 18 April 2011

Codornices Park

A papa and his Mila
looks innocent enough, right?
Another gem of a park. This one is more like a community park, but it has one huge thing going for it-- a concrete slide. I adore any and all concrete slides, but have to say these are the best ones yet. Better than the one in Golden Gate Park and even the Seward slides in San Francisco, because this one is steep. It's built into the side of a little hill in Codornices Park. Steve and I went down it (we didn't dare take Mila because DCFS would have swooped down and taken her away from us--and rightly so, it is that steep!) and both nearly flew off the thing.

Other things we love about Codornices Park: there's a gated toddler play area separate from the bigger kiddos (with bucket swings for the Wugs). It's below Euclid Avenue--you have to go down the stairs and through a tunnel to get to it, so it feels 'hidden' --plus there's lots of cozy picnicking areas further above the slides. And it's right across the street from the Berkeley Rose Garden, which is worth a visit all by itself. We'll be back.

Chubby fingers clutching the seat! I love this girl.

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