Saturday, 30 April 2011

More with the handknits.

Mila finally fits into my 2nd and 3rd trimesters labor of love (remember this from the 1st tri?). Oh sure, along the way there were a few hats and a pair of booties done, but this took up most of my knitting time. This is from the book Baby Knits: 20 Handknit Designs for Babies 0-24 Months. It was my first time doing anything with sleeves or neckline or such and was actually not too bad. Marmousch helped with the tough parts and I finished it just a few days before the babe was welcomed into this great big world.

Since it did take nearly 6 months to complete, you can bet that Wugs will be wearing this. A lot. Expect to be seeing it skin-tight on her 15-month old self, big diaper butt and all.

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