Friday, 22 April 2011

I love

I love when Mila crawls up to me and I pretend to not see her, then turn around and act all surprised and excited. She goes wild for those shenanigans.

I love that I am that mom having a running dialogue with my baby in the office supplies aisle at Target. The 25 year-old me would have made fun but I could care less.

 I love everything I've ever eaten at La Bedaine. Today I found a new favorite, ratatouille with pan-seared polenta.

I love that I have been able to spend all this time with my daughter during her first year of life. I am so blessed and grateful for this (and will never forget it).

I love that if we wanted to, we could go to a different farmer's market every day of the week here.

I love that my sister and her husby are going to be with my parents for Easter. Holidays without family are rough but it's so much nicer knowing your loved ones are taking care of each other.

I love that part of our bedtime routine now involves Mila and I taking a bath together (bubbles often included). 

I love that Mila's interest in trying whatever WE are eating is making me re-examine our food choices.

I love that even the smallest homes here have gorgeous, lush landscaping. If it can be grown, it can be grown in California.

I love that our neighbors here don't have a firepit or play horseshoes on Sundays. Or any day.

I love Parenthood and will miss it on Tuesday nights this summer.

I love that Steve is such a hands-on papa. And that includes taking over at 4 am sometimes without my even asking. Thank you for that.

I love having someone little to make an Easter basket for.

I love having someone little to dress up for church on Easter Sunday.

I love that Steve's work schedule is about to change and hopefully that will mean more evenings together.

I love this song and think it was made to run to. Which I do.

I love that Steve has come to all of Wugs' music classes with us. Like I said, hands-on.

I love libraries more than ever now that I have a child. Children's books get expensive quickly and there are so many great ones out there.

I love The Office but especially these last couple episodes since Will Ferrell joined in. But will miss Steve Carell. 

I love the summer that is in store for us.

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