Monday, 11 April 2011

Marmousch was here

I'm not sure if I dreamed it all up or not, but I think Marmousch spent last week with us. Wait--there's homemade pesto sauce, strawberry jam, banana bread, and chocolate chip cookies in our kitchen now, and I certainly didn't put them there. So I guess it wasn't a dream. She was here.

foraging for fennel

Her hat. I know. There are no words.
It's no secret that Mila and Marmousch are thick as thieves.  Marmousch gets her and loves her--I mean loves her, the way Steve and I do. The two of them adore one another--when they see each other their eyes light up and one of them kicks her legs wildly (guess who).

Just having her here was such a tremendous recharge for me as well. Not just physically (although I did take  naps and slept in) but it was wonderful laughing, talking, and taking care of Mila together. I feel like I got a fresh breath of air. Where Marmee is, sunshine follows. A few of the random things that went down:

-Marmousch pointed out edible, wild fennel along our walking trail and made fennel omelets and crepes out of it. Delicious. So if I'm at a loss on what to make for dinner I can just go for a walk.
-We got lost looking for taco trucks in Oakland but Mila ended up discovering flags and her life is forever changed because of it.
-We visited a beautiful chapel in the most bucolic setting. Mila loved the stained glass.
-We saw some lady walking through the Target parking lot with her tight tight jeans halfway down her behind (we were dying). 
-The next day we saw a lady much too old to be wearing a tennis skirt if you get my drift.

See? Random. I miss her so much. 

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