Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter picnic

Some photos of our Easter picnic that we went on after church on Sunday. We went to Mt. Tamalpais, a place we had been to many times before when we lived here last time (but of course never with a Wugs). We hiked up a little hill and past a small clearing of trees that looked out onto the ocean and to the west was that gorgeous view of San Francisco. It was a stunning setting, one that Steve and I will always remember.

I made marmalade cake (I had completely forgotten that I had made it for Easter last year too! Silly mama brain.) and we brought pate from La Bedaine, smoked salmon, Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam cheese (very fitting), bread, hardboiled eggs, and lemonade. Mila nibbled on cantaloupe, carrots, the cheese, and a whole-wheat bagel. She was right at home. As we were packing up to go Steve said he could see something different in Mila--a new twinkle in her eye, sparked by this adventure. Who knows, but at any rate it's nice to think that the experiences she's having will help shape the wonderful woman she will become. Happy 1st Easter Baby Girl.

More Easter pictures to come. xo

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