Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I've got my green shoes on.

These beauties were made just for Wugs by wonderful super-awesome Kat. She gave them to me at my baby shower, addressed to Baby Weibel and back before any of knew this little person that would be gracing these shoes. I am so grateful that she made them bigger than newborn-sized (genius!) because lo and behold, I hardly ever put Mila in shoesies back when she was a baby baby. What was the point, only to have them kicked off five seconds later? But now that she staggers walks around, they are perfect. I'm crazy about the bright green.

Kat and I have been friends since kindergarten (she picked ME to walk her to the nurse's office after throwing up in music class! I was on cloud nine.). She is undoubtedly a lifelong friend. Her little girl was born back in January and I love that Mila will have the same friendship in sweet Ella. We just have to get back to Florida (goshdarnit).

p.s. Why yes, that is a vintage Pooh dress Mila is wearing in the pictures (Marmousch of course). Lucky girl.

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Kat said...

I was featured in your blog!! I feel seriously honored. And yes, yes you DO need to get back to Florida! Goshdarnit!