Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Our family vacation finally starts today. Hawaii! We're only going to Kaua'i as we were wanting a more relaxed pace and everyone says it's magically laidback there. (Californians go to Hawaii the way Floridians go to...I don't know, the Caribbean?)

I'm ridiculously excited about it and except for offhandedly calling a few bike and kayak rental shops, we have nothing planned. Mostly I want to introduce Wugs to the joys of a warm beach to turn into her own personal playground. How fun it is to splash in the shallow water. Building sand castles. Feeling your heels sink into the wet sand as the water pools around them. Sitting on your Mama's shoulders as she walks deeper into the water. The joy of napping after a hard day of playing beneath the sun. Slurping on a shaved ice while the car bounces home after a long day, gloriously itchy from too much sand but too tired to care. Vacation, we're ready for you!

Those photos were taken last week on the flight home from Arizona. Still to come, Arizona pictures. When we come back!

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