Tuesday, 15 May 2012

What Happens When Dad is in Charge

Steve accompanied Mila to her 'Lil Kickers class one day last month, as he often does, and I got a phone call:

Steve: They're doing pictures. It's picture day.
Me: What? They didn't say anything about that last week.
Steve: Well, they are.
Me: Oh no. I'm missing it.
Steve: It's okay. Do you care what kind of prints we get? There's a lot of options.
Me: No. Whatever you think. Enough for grandparents too. Wait! Did you accessorize?
Steve: Accessorize?
Me: You know, cute socks, maybe legwarmers?
Steve: No. We don't have anything with us. It'll be fine.

Four weeks later...

We now have a poster. A freaking 20' x 30' poster. We also have a printed-directly-onto-the-canvas 12' x 16', a photo coffee mug, magnets, and every size print photograph you can imagine of this singularly amazing shot of our one and only Wugs.

I may have gone a little overboard, Steve said afterwards.
I love him even more now.

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