Monday, 14 May 2012

What a Mother's Day.

Gosh was I showered with abundant love on Mother's Day. I got to indulge in some of my favorite foods: toasted ham and swiss cheese bagels for breakfast, shawarmas, and this wonderful man I get to call husband thoughtfully surprised me by cooking my favorite meal, pasta bolognese. I think the world turns on pasta bolognese. Especially his.

Our swimming plans got cancelled because of weather so we just spent the day in the city instead. I went to my new-to-me favorite store, Madewell and bought a couple more things (which have since gone on sale, grrrrr). It's been so long since Steve and I have treated ourselves to some new threads (Mila is the best-dressed one in the house, but isn't that the way it always works?!) and it feels good to have some good, quality pieces to wear. When you look good you feel good, no? Although the most treasured thing I'll ever wear is my baby...I wore her in my Maya wrap yesterday and nothing makes me look better than her by my side. At Madewell they were giving out mini cupcakes to all the mothers; I split mine with Wugs because after all, without her I wouldn't be eligible for one. She appreciated the gesture.

We headed to Yerba Buena Gardens and took Mila on the carousel. She went nuts in all the right ways--at one point I said to her, Mila, you're on a horse! And she quickly corrected me, CAMEL! Sharp little lurky that she is. Since then whenever camels are mentioned Mila immediately reminds us that they're napping, because that's how we managed to tear her away from the carousel. At a nearby park she took off and climbed up the monkey dome rung for rung. Alone. I spotted from below because I'm a scaredy cat and didn't want to look like Crappy Mom on Mother's Day of all days, but she was just fine. The kid about whom I expressed concern to her pediatrician at her 15-month appointment because she didn't seem to be 'climbing enough.' (The pediatrician totally laughed at me.) Anyways. Thursday I get to cash in on the rest of my Mother's Day present...a spa morning from Steve.

Steve, you're the best.

All in all just a beautiful day with my loves and that's all I'll ever want. This motherhood gig is pretty sweet.

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