Thursday, 10 May 2012

Just tooling around in a paddleboat..

...Wugs in a life jacket. No big deal.

In the 6 months we lived in San Francisco, then another year in Napa, and now our 1 plus years in the East Bay area, I had never even laid eyes on Stow Lake. But I'd always heard about the paddleboats and rowboats for rent there and filed it away as something fun to do if you had a Wugs. We have a Wugs now (20 months later and I still can't believe it)! The other day we took a (sort of) spontaneous afternoon trip into the city, braved the thought of a shortened nap (the horror), and got on a little boat on a little lake in the middle of a tremendous city. Just three happy people, tooling around in a paddleboat.

  • p.s. Don't let Mila's facial expression/body language fool you, she was very much into this whole thing.

Other sweet things around here:
  • Wugs now says all of the cats' names, pronounced CUBBY (Chubby), FAHTTY (Fatty/Hoodes), and GIGI. 
  • But when asked what her name is, she always says, "KICK."  
  • Mila and I came home from errands yesterday to see a FedEx 'sorry we missed you' notice on the door. I said, "Aw, man" at the thought of having to schlep to some building to pick up my package. Hours later when we were leaving the house again, Mila quickly glanced at the door and exclaimed, "AW, MAN!
  •  Today I discovered a new splash park near us. I think we'll be living there this summer. I plan on baking cookies for the lifeguard staff (maybe I'm kidding. maybe I'm not.).
  • 20 days until our vacation!
  • 14 days until our mini one! I knew May was going to be a good one.

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