Tuesday, 14 May 2013

And a very happy Mother's Day.

Mother's Day was beautiful. From when I still had my eyes closed and I could sense that Mila was in the room before I actually heard her, and then she greeted me with a cheerful, Happy Mother's Day Mama! Then she turned to Dani with the same greeting. Sitting in church with my family, my own mother included and being able to stand in the honorable company of other mothers. Eating a delicious lunch with Marmousch--yummy shrimp stew--prepared by Steve. All of us watching Dani get her first bites of solid food for the first time (carrots!). Both girls napping at the same sliver of overlapping time (no small miracle!). Mila waking up after nap and saying, Is it still Happy Mother's Day Mama? Going to the beach at dusk and watching my daughter, who used to not want to get anywhere near that shoreline, soak her entire yellow dress because she was practically trying to jump in. I do want her to exercise caution but for now this mama was and is thrilled with her girl's growing confidence in the water. Nursing sweet sleepy Dani as she fell asleep and feeling so grateful for everything we've got. 
This pic is from way back in February but I kind of think it speaks to motherhood beautifully. Also I've temporarily misplaced the memory card where Sunday's photos are stored on. Not to worry though, I live in a 1000 sq ft apartment so it couldn't have gone far. Then again I have a Mila so it could have gone very very far.

Mila, who made me a mother, and Dani, who has filled up my heart in a space I didn't realize was carved out and patiently waiting for you to come and live there. I should be thanking both of you and not the other way around for this happy life you've given me. Sometimes I run on fumes, sometimes I don't know what I'd do without coffee, sometimes I give myself a timeout just so I can flop on the bed for two minutes in peace, but there is nowhere I would rather be. Being your mama day in and day out, awakening with you and hearing your highs and lows at the end of the day and knowing I was there for all of it, good and bad. Pretty and ugly parts alike. Being the one who understands your world, deciphers your cries, knows your imaginary friends, the things you say, the things you worry about even when you're not coming out and saying it, being the one you want when no one else will do. Thank you for giving me this rich rich life. love, Mama

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