Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Last week in terms of eating and a few pictures.

I'm starting off my favorite pictures from last week with peonies. It was peony week in the Weibel house, it happens just once a year and even though it's short-lived it's always a little lift. And if you need a waffle recipe in your arsenal, here is the one I'm sticking with from here on out (unless it's time for gingerbread waffles which we make at Christmastime). I made homemade ketchup for the first time to go with Marmee's hamburgers and I think there's going to be some taste testing happening around these parts (like my panzanella-off from last year). Also oatmeal cream pies. Those weren't very good at all. That's what I wish my brain had said, anyway, before I stood in front of the fridge eating shoving one down my mouth before Mila caught me and wanted to "share."

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