Monday, 10 August 2009

His birthday weekend

bubbles to start it all off at Robert Hunter

one last pilgrimage to Pride

pb & j cupcakes, paired with bella's late harvest zin

reconnecting with old friends who were there all along

Whole Foods party platters that are grossly overpriced-- but their tandoori chicken with peanut sauce has still
got it

surprise garlands

silly string gone awry

playing with a pup

wanting a pup

nectarine sorbet

orange and yellow dahlias sitting on our counter in different bud vases and mason jars

as Steve puts it, a
diorama picnic. then he thanks me for giving me the opportunity to say diorama for the first time since first grade.

driving with our rear hatch wide open

38 candles on the peanut butter cake

debating whether or not to tell the sweet and ancient winery owner that his fly was down

midnight moon cheese

my summer playlist on repeat -- lots from The Gap Band, Grease, Chicago, and MJ

too many iced coffees (must stop)

hoodles discovering his love of anchovies

some of Steve's favorite wines

a homemade card

38 reasons why I love you, in written format

my new bikini: yellow stripes on top, brown ones on the bottom

honoring Steve's request - 'just us'

but still having his friends and family there in a special way (more on that later)

another of Steve's requests: a steak dinner

boot camp

a blanket-fort-turned-spaceship

hawaiian shaved ice dripping everywhere between two nerds on a bench

I love this man. I can't remember a time in my life when early August wasn't this special.

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