Saturday, 15 August 2009

Steve's 'diorama' picnic, in honor of ferragosto*

introducing the newest picnicking tool in our arsenal, inspired from black eiffel via design*sponge.

One of Steve's favorite places is the backdrop.

And some treats from our Thursday in the city:

On the bread is nduja from Boccalone, spreadable spicy salami. I have just discovered it and my life may never be the same.
Bacon-caramel popcorn from Cane Rosso at the ferry building.
I would have added the toffee chip cookies from Anthony's but those have been gobbled up and washed down with milk. yum.
I will miss our foodie adventures 'round these parts.

*happy ferragosto...the day when every single Italian flocks to either the beach or the mountain, picnics in tow.

p.s. sorry for the blursome pics...Nicole said to get the hizz off auto mode in so many words and I'm trying to learn manual settings.

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