Tuesday, 11 August 2009

a homemade card (and a stab at drawing)

to preface, I want to say I am NOT an artist. I knew this even when I was waaaay little, when on Tuesdays we'd have to march into Mrs. Yarick's art class and I'd have to trudge through another project where mine was one of the craptastic ones, certainly not one of the "examples" that she'd hold up halfway through class to lavish praises upon. Little 6-year-old me would sit there like what the freak?! how am I supposed to do that?

but Steve's birthday was all about the homemade lovins so that included the card. I was inspired by this incredible video which makes me cry every. time. I watch it. And if I'm in the right mood, it makes me do the sobbing-and-shaking kind of crying. I love love LOVE this video. I want to marry and have lots of babies with this video. then I saw what incredible Rubyellen from My Cakies did here and was doubly inspired.

making pop-up cards are fun.

ha! you're going to watch this video, see my card, and think it was very very
very loosely inspired by the video. But again, I'm no artist.

here goes nothing.

A few things--

it's Steve because the left leg is hyperextended and the right one is slightly bent.
he does that.
and check out the tat on his right tricep. and he's all about the baseball caps.

it's me because I'm freaking short. It's okay tho, dynamite comes in the tiniest of packages. but I'm not bowlegged. Not that there would be anything wrong with it if I were :) legs are hard to draw, yo.

those are the tiniest of brads on our elbows so you can 'make' the two of us hold hands.

p.s. I'm thinking an entire pop-up children's book is in the works for future weiblets.

p.p.s. most importantly, the birthday boy loved it. his reaction was perfect.

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