Friday, 13 November 2009

raw darwinism

The cheetah munching on his still-warm kill; the zebra, dead but with his eyes wide open in horror forever frozen that way, vultures fighting over his insides. And the worst, seeing a wildebeest get taken down by a crocodile in its attempt to cross a river. A few months before we left for Kenya dear Susan had lent us one of the Planet Earth dvd's; Steve and I could only watch 15 minutes every night because we couldn't bear to watch more than one animal's death in any one sitting. That probably sounds moronic to some people, and yeah, ever since Mr. Wood's 7th grade science class I'm well aware that survival of the fittest is a natural and necessary part of life and evolution. But to come face to face with it out on the Mara, unable to pause with the remote, was painful at times. I'm posting just a couple pictures because that was such a huge part of the whole experience there, and feel like something would be remiss if I just ignored it. Warning--graphic.

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