Tuesday, 10 August 2010

36 weeks

On the last day of my 36th week o' pregnancy some of the world's most awesomest women came together in one place for my shower. Lamb and Marmousch really outdid themselves. All I did was show up and spend the next four hours picking my jaw up from the floor as I realized, over and over, how fortunate I am. How lucky this kid already is to have people like these in its life. That Saturday evening we sweated (it felt like the hottest day of the year to date), we ate, we laughed, we talked, we played my favorite game (scattergories), we joked about this impending event that is omnipresent on my mind, now. It was all so lighthearted and I'm going to strive to keep that wonderful feeling with me over the course of the next few weeks.

The Wednesday before the shower I went to a salon for a pedicure and while
picking out a nail polish it hit me that this would probably be the color on my toes when I gave birth. On A Baby Story you see the mother's feet up around her bent knees when she's pushing and I always notice the nicely groomed feet. Do other people? And suddenly the whole business of choosing a polish color seemed like a very big deal. I know how absurd that sounds but I can remember having that same do-or-die feeling the day before our wedding--again, at the nail salon. I was wavering between a polished French manicure or just a simple pale cream color and as she started to paint the tip of my nail in the traditional French style I freaked out. That's not me! I was thinking. I can't walk down the aisle and not look like myself! I went with simple and didn't look back. For the record I chose a pale cream color for this life-changing event as well, although I didn't realize that irony until later.

So to sum up week 36: nail polish and a baby shower and love going round and round.

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