Monday, 16 August 2010

37 weeks

henna belly
Week 37. We found a pediatrician whom we love. Maybe someday I will go into the hunt-for-a-pediatrician fiasco that we've been through, certified letter and all, but not today. And with the arrival of a wall decal that was coming from Montreal and tied up in customs for over a month (national security threat?), our muppet's room is ready. Must post pictures. For husband's birthday we drove up to Orlando for a nice dinner out. Compared to Steve's birthday celebrations the last 8 years, this one was extremely low-key and quiet. Are we getting boring? But Steve wouldn't let me get down about it-- you're giving me a baby, what more could I ask for? How incredible is this man? I put aside my worries. Maybe next year we'll go down to Key Largo and stay at Jules' Undersea Lodge, but for now we're happy as parents-to-be, on the cusp of something great.

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