Wednesday, 18 August 2010

38 weeks

Week 38 is when the waiting began. Time felt suspended, like we were just going through the motions of our day but there was always the looming possibility of things starting to happen. I still worked a little bit and kept plugging away at the to-do list, but there was something different to it all. One of the most exciting times of my life, in a quiet, waiting way.

Ooohh, a contraction. Let's time it. Nope. Nothing regular. Steve asks every day if today's the day. He seems to ask more on the days he works :)

My last run ended up being August 9th, in the beginning of my 38th week. It was wonderful, on the Barber Bridge around 10 pm--but recovering from it was painful and exhausting, the worst it's been. So now it's just swimming and power walks. Steve and I walk late at night on, funny enough, nearly the same route we would run (also late at night) back in the months before our wedding. Before Alaska and Arizona and our crazy trip to Asia. Before the newlywed days in Rhode Island and nights spent walking home from dinner in San Francisco. And now six years later, here I am on that same road waddling my very pregnant self alongside my husband. I like the parallel of it all. It feels like we've come full circle.


Anonymous said...

Oh I am going to cry! I love the circle of life and we are so happy for you three! You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! You are going to make me cry! I love the circle of life! You are so amazing! We are so thrilled for you three! AND, you look just absolutely adorable, love the glow!