Monday, 16 August 2010

Shower deets

I didn't want to be vague about the whole shower and not show off Marmousch and Lamb's mad party-throwing skillz. I think that Lamb should quit her poopy job and start party planning and invite design for a living. And Marmousch, well I'm not the only one who says that Marmousch should open her own restaurant. 

Marmousch cooked and baked and cooked. Things like goat cheese stuffed mushrooms, panko-crusted chicken with apricot-mustard sauce, zucchini frittatas, the best deviled eggs I've ever put in my mouth (the secret is in the shallots). There was prosecco sangria (I could not partake) and virgin mojitos in mason jars. For dessert the olive oil cake with creme fraiche from last fall made a more summery comeback, this time with blueberries and raspberries.

Lamb helped to spread around the pom luv, they were hung on the celing along with globe lights. There was also handknitted love with all the little projects Marmousch and I have been making in the sweatshop, burlap love, and flower love. Favors were flower seeds in terra-cotta pots:
These little seeds are small like me,
Plant them to see what they'll be. 
It won't be long before they sprout, 
And that's the time that I'll be out. 
So please enjoy as your flowers appear,
And think of me when I'll soon be here. 

There was a peach tree and a pear tree. The peach tree will be planted if this baby is a girl, and the pear tree will go in the ground if we have a boy. What else am I forgetting? It was a such a great night.

The best part was that I got to show up 30 minutes before the shindig started and take it all in, and that was the extent of my involvement. They wanted me to relax and enjoy every minute, and that's what I did. 

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AmberLee said...

oh wow. what amazing women! you must be pretty fantastic too to have such friends. the shower sounds like heaven, and you are completely adorable in every one of your pics. how do you do that!? best wishes as you get closer to the big day!