Thursday, 26 August 2010

All we need now is a baby (the room)

It's a small space (about 9' x 11'), but we did our best to make it ours. Or rather, baby's. The room ended up being a labor of love between Steve, Marmousch, and I.
Nursing and reading corner with a mama-made mobile and lamb pillow sewn up by Marmousch--how could we not make it after seeing this on purl bee?  The wall above and to the right is baby's first art gallery, the wall to the left has family photos, old and new, people who love this little one already. 
  Book sling is Nonna-made from this tutorial. Those silhouette portraits were made by happythought's etsy shop. It captures us when I was in my eighth month of this wonderful pregnancy.
Don't worry, all that gorgeous natural light can be masked with heavier shades already on the windows for baby's naps.
  The wall decal is from SurfaceFlik, and the tummy-time quilt is Nonna-made (baby's Nonna= Marmousch), from a pattern by Meg McElwee. And Steve brought the crib back to life, remember?

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