Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Allowing another blueprint.

:) One day last week I burst through the door after an agonizing workday to find a blanket fort. A Papa-made honest-to-goodness blanket fort. AND news that Wugs took a two-hour long nap, impressive since I pretty much do backflips if she naps for an hour. Hold the phones! Fun times beneath a blanket fort and a long nappy nap?

Months ago I read a Leaky Boob post that talked about allowing your partner to leave their blueprint on your children. Stepping back, letting go of the alpha parent role and giving them a chance to guide, to take the lead, to trust in them doing a fantastic job. When I am at work and find myself worrying if Mila's going to be able to nap without me there, or am saddened to hear her crying as I walk out the door--I just remember the importance of another blueprint to make its mark on our daughter. Even if it may not be the way I would have done it...does not mean it's not a good way. It would be pretty boring if Steve and I were exactly alike, no? Mila is going to be a better person by having both of our influences. Besides, I have known he would be fantastic as a father since before children were even on the horizon. These days are just a confirmation of that. 

p.s. Today was Mila's first time out playing in the rain. She stomped her feet in delight, but missed the puddles. I really really love that girl.

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