Friday, 21 October 2011

Whoever does bathtime in our house does the following after dinner, in no particular order (and with a fabulously adorable helper/sidekick underfoot):

Start the bath. Which reminds me, I need to buy more bubble bath. 

Toss a few bathtime toys in. This is Mila's favorite (don't worry, she is 100% supervised, blah blah blah blah).

Make sure the tub doors are closed so that Curious Girl does not accidentally fall in. I don't think she would, but still. Don't wanna find out.

Set her towel out. Bonus points if the dryer is free and you remember to warm the towel beforehand.

Put Wugs' toothpaste and the bulb syringe thingy on the counter for teeth-cleaning and booger suctioning after bath, respectively.

While you're at it have the finger toothbrush rinsed and ready because Wugs isn't too thorough in her dental hygiene.

Go in the bedroom, lay out Woogus pj's, diaper with nighttime insert, lotion, booty balm, and some kind of distracting toy on bed. Dental floss if you're feeling particularly ambitious.

Turn on soundscape in Wugs' room: soothing ocean waves.

Turn on fan.

Locate Llama llama and Mama Kitty and make a big Goodnight, see you soon! production about it involving lots of kisses and hugs.

Pick out a bedtime story and put on chair, just out of Wugs' reach so it doesn't walk off in the next 5 minutes before she gets in the tub.

Fill dropper with fresh water and put on table next to chair, to squirt in her mouth after that last feeding. Keep this out of Woogwamicus' reach as well.

Put bedtime candle/matches on table also (do I have to say it?).

Most likely you'll want to bring into the bathroom that cup of milk Wugs was sipping on during dinner, to fill up that potbelly that much more and buy us all a little more sleep.

And if she turned her button nose up at dinner, go ahead and bring in the backup--good ole toast with almond or peanut butter. You know, so she can nibble on it in the tub before inevitably dropping throwing it and taking pleasure at the sight of bloated bread floating in bathwater.

Bathtime! Sit back, relax, and enjoy your Wugs.

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