Thursday, 27 October 2011

Things that have made me smile the last couple days.

The way Wugs smelled like butter after downing a Miette graham cracker (nicknamed coma cookie by my friend for the stupor that ensues).
Thinking about having a little girl to dress for Christmas Eve mass.
Wugs choosing broccoli over anything else on her plate for lunch (and believe me there were some not-so-great options).
All-day playdates with our favorite people that are so fun you can't help but pass out for the ride home (giving Mama a peaceful drive from San Francisco, thank you Wugs).
Mila literally stops to smell the roses these days.
Texas Roadhouse rolls (we are all fans here).
Steve watching the World Series with the chair pushed right up to the TV screen.
Online yarn shopping.
Halloween costumes. Done!
Having coffee at home that's better tasting than the stuff I could buy out.
Mila's animal sounds. Lately her MEOOOOOOOOOOOW has given her baaaaa BAAAAAAAAA a run for its money.
Steve surprising me with kolaches from Weikel's Bakery in La Grange, Texas.
The animals that intimidated Mila at Ardenwood today: the turkey and rabbit. Not the huge horses. Not the cows kicking up dust.
Helping Papa to push the stroller.
Wugs walking around in her new suspender-ed waders, looking like the newest crew member of Deadliest Catch.
Finger-painting. Watching Steve try to suppress his cringes at the potential mess.

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