Sunday, 29 January 2012

At the table.

As of last Wednesday, a little change has occurred in the Weibel household. That's right...

hello booster seat! Goodbye, high chair. My big girl. I still remember the first day we sat her in that high chair to eat solids for the first time...her eyes dancing and full of excitement because she seemed to just know this was a big deal. The end of something from Mila's babyhood is, as always (does it get any less magnified the more kids you have?), a mix of sadness and excitement. It does help that the high chair was a royal pain to keep clean--I swear there were magnets in the crevices to attract caked-on food. It also helps that in the last month Wugs decided she very much enjoyed standing in her high chair and climbing onto the flimsy tray. Lil bugger.

And it's hard to be too sad about the whole high chair sayonara for very long when you see this little big person sitting at the table with the grown-ups. I love this girl.

Also gonna brag for a second here...Mila's eating has been awesome lately (before you hate, know that she still does not consistently sleep through the night...we just stay tired 'round here). Nowadays I can get her to eat just about anything. Some foods she's had and enjoyed of late (i.e. signed for more over and over): olives, pomegranate, mushrooms, tuna fish, chickpeas, lentils, beets (beets!), sole, cabbage, ...she gobbles up vegetables and can't get enough of fruit. Steve puts his foot down at giving her oysters and sushi but I am just counting down the days, friends! My foodie partner in crime has arrived!

Of course I realize that by putting this out there, tomorrow Mila is going to turn into Miss Picky once again. I know how this mommy thing works, y'all--I know that the second you get used to something then BAM, the whole game changes on you. At least I now have proof that at this point in time she was a rockstar foodie.

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dannelle@nestenterprises said...

You couldn't be more on the mark about the mix of saddness and excitement as our bubbas grow. I just wish I could 'freeze frame' and soak in every sweet moment.