Sunday, 1 January 2012

Well hello 2012!

New Year's Eve hike * poor man's cinnamon rolls (our dough failed to rise --enter husband to the rescue) * Mila's latest hat, my favorite ever to knit (from More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts) * lots of tired families in church - did fireworks wake their kids too? * fondue lunch (when is M old enough for Melting Pot? was a topic of conversation) * eating lobster in buttah for the first time (Wugs) and oh yes, loving it  *  my glittery New Year's garland made from leftover wrapping fun I think it's going up on the teepee as soon as the tree comes down * a Wugs kiss is ze very best kind. Her bathtime ones are especially sweet.

Happy New Year! Welcome 2012, let's make you incredible.

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