Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

This has been an incredible year, I think it goes without saying. It has been a year of financial healing, and while certainly not easy at many seemingly insurmountable points along the way--I think we grew up this year. We moved across the country, first Steve in January and then Mila and I pulled up the rear in February. It was cold and rainy in California then, and my attitude reflected that. I like to think if we have similar February weather in 2012, it will be handled much differently. We'll be the crazy ones gleefully stomping in puddles over there, can you see us?

It's also the year I learned to sew, learned to cook while entertaining a baby, learned to survive on very poor sleep when my sleeping-through-the-night infant became acquainted with her teeth (teeth I shake my fist at you). This was the year I really, really missed my mom more than ever...okay, maybe it was on par with my first year away at college, but it is most certainly too close to call. This was the year my daughter took her first brave steps, said her first word, started really getting it. The year we became a family of three and not just two adults with a baby. Parents, you know what I mean.
I started the year breastfeeding and I'm ending it still proudly breastfeeding. We quietly toasted our Wugs (was she a Wugs then?) above her crib in the dark of her room and we're planning to do it again in just under 2 hours from now.

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