Tuesday, 31 January 2012

This is...winter?

It's been glooooorious here in northern California these last few days. Sunny, not cold, not hot, just right. How could we not spend our weekend outside? We headed to Tennessee Valley which is a favorite spot of mine in the North Bay but almost a little too popular, especially on weekends. That trail was crowded. Wugs loves stranger danger attention though, so she reveled in all of the attention coming her way. Compliments on her mocs, her eyes, her smile, her airplane imitation, whatever--she eats it all up. Ham. Like her papa.

In other exciting news, Mila has discovered her shadow. Let the imaginary friendships begin!

p.s. You know that saying It's not about the destination, it's about the journey? Nothing illustrates that point better than hiking with a toddler. We never even made it to the beach on our hike since Wugs became fascinated with all the sticks and leaves on the ground (I swear she gets out daily) and was sitting every 20' ;)

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