Saturday, 4 February 2012

Breakfast of champions.

My breakfast this morning was my usual delicious cappuccino and a slice of this delicious shaker lemon pie. I finally did it. This pie. Keeper!

Every year around this time I walk by the meyer lemons in the produce section and think I should buy some and see what all the fuss is about but then talk myself out of it because I haven't planned ahead and don't want them going to waste. I always resolve to go home and find a meyer lemon recipe to try for next week...and never do. This happens every year, and then that short little meyer lemon window closes and I still haven't seen what all the fuss is about.

So last week I was at our grocery store and saw those meyer lemons. You guys are coming home with me! So with Wugs papoosed to my front in the ergo we reached in the bin and didn't stop until we had pulled out 16. Sixteen! And off we went back home, Mila dreaming about cats and babies and me dreaming about all the meyer lemony things I was going to make.

First up was the above Shaker Lemon pie. Oh my gosh. Win. (I went with her pie crust 102 recipe and it was so perfect...and easy...that it's going to be my go-to crust recipe here on out.) Then I attempted meyer lemon curd that was going wonderfully until I ignored the phrase careful not to let it boil. My poor burned curd...I will be making you again, my pretty. More meyer lemons are already on the shopping list for next week.

While we're talking about breakfast here was Mila's that same day. Wugs never used to be a big breakfast eater except for scrambled eggs (but scrambled eggs every day? That gets old.) and then I stumbled upon a great combination she was actually into. Homemade granola (I have loved this recipe since SouleMama first posted it, but Wugs also gave her seal of approval to this one) with a little milk, then whole wheat toast with jam that she (sorta tries to) lather on herself with a small spatula. Oh my plum puddin' girl. Just look at her.

Next up in my 2012 Meyer Lemon Fever are linguine with meyer lemon zest, creme fraiche and parmesan cheese from Cooking for Mr. Latte and a meyer lemon aioli to go with some veggies for superbowl snacking. I made a forgettable meyer lemon buttermilk cake last night (still ate it though. Ha!). Who knew that 16 wouldn't be enough?!

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