Friday, 24 February 2012

Felt food Friday: Donuts!

Mardi gras was on Tuesday and I celebrated by baking donuts, then making a few felted ones. Marmousch always makes donuts for Mardi Gras, Nonna does too, and even though mine won't hold a candle to theirs I still felt it was my duty to introduce Wugs to this tradition. (It was easy! I made, kneaded, and shaped the dough the night before and just baked in the morning after rising.)

Wugs liked them well enough...I mean, every time she caught me shoveling one into my mouth (do any other parents out there run into the kitchen to sneak in 'bad' food? It's not just me, right?) she would insist I share. And I would! But it wasn't something she clearly adored (I'm talking to you, cheesecake).

As for the felted ones pictured at the top, and their awesome tute here on Skip to my Lou. My favorite is the vanilla-frosted one. Aren't those embroidered sprinkles so stinkin' cute? To date Wugs has not yet tasted donuts with icing yet--the only donuts in her universe are plain glazed raised and baked ones. But I'm sure by August we'll have remedied that. p.s. There's my pajama'ed monkey eating a non-felted donut last Tuesday morning.

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