Saturday, 3 March 2012

Felt food Friday: Cupcake!

It's been awhile. There have been not one but two days spent in San Francisco--I hope to post pictures soon-- Wugs' first ferry ride, her Leap Year Half Birthday (!!), a sudden very very very keen interest in parks (paak-a! she says), and poop issues (and since it's my kid, I am way more concerned than would ever be about mine), to name a few. So this week in honor of Mila's big 18 MONTHS I made a felt cupcake, but have only had time to do one so far. Here's the tutorial. There's a few different felt cupcake designs floating around on the internet but I liked the fluffy frosting look of this one. I stuck with the strawberry on top since I hate maraschino cherries.

Steve is getting on me about making some, um, healthier food options for this play kitchen (I say it's all important!) so I'll put the felted sweets on hold for now.
Oh, and as far as real Unbirthday food goes, believe it or not, I stayed up until past midnight the night before making Wugs a mini-version of this cake...only to have each layer fall apart as I turned them out onto the baking rack.  I will spare you the whiny details about how I stood in the kitchen sobbing in my pajamas. Oh yes. (I don't think it's the recipe but the stupid mini cake pans I bought. From now on I'm only using springform ones--but wait, do they make them in a mini version?) We ended up buying a mini cake from a local bakery, put 1 and 1/2 candles on, and Wugs blew them out with a little help from Mama...something I don't think she could do on her 1st birthday, although I'd have to go back and check the home video to be sure. It was actually delicious, though it didn't hold a candle to the deliciousness of a Wugs.

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