Sunday, 25 March 2012

(late) Felt food Friday: Popsicles!

Sorry for the late posting. But look at those pretties! Here's the tutorial, I followed it except for the glue part--just inserted the popsicle sticks into the stuffed felt and called it a day. If Wugs pulls it apart in 2 seconds flat I'll have to remedy that.

I make healthy popsicles for Wugs. Things like thinned out purple carrot/beet juice/apple juice/yogurt/blended fruit combos. She's not a big water drinker and so I try to push the fluids any way possible, which evolved into popsicles. The kiddo won't sip twice at a smoothie but freeze it? She's all over it. Oh gosh does Wugs go apey over her paka's, as she calls them--so much so that she started automatically asking for them the second we'd plop her down in the tub (where she eats popsicles to save Mama on cleanup time). Now it's back to being a 'treat' status and let's just say that it's just one more word that we have to spell out when in front of her now.

Related: I just bought the book Paletas and the first popsicle on my radar to make is an apricot and chamomile flower combo. Doesn't that sound dreamy? Also, am seriously considering buying a Zoku quick pop maker; my current popsicle mold is worn out and in need of an upgrade (I was 9 months pregnant at the peak of summer! Two words: watermelon popsicles.), plus the whole 9-minutes-and-you're-done thing is way tempting.

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