Monday, 12 March 2012

Recent milestones.

*You won't see these in yo mama's baby book ;)

First pickle: February 23rd.
First ferry ride: February 26th. Larkspur to San Franciscooooooooo!
First natural disaster/act of God/what have you: An EARTHQUAKE in the early morning hours of March 5th. (for the record it was Steve's and my first quake as well and unsettling to say the least. Not our first natural disaster though. We are from Florida after all.
First conformity (as Steve put it): March 7th at Lil' Kickers Soccer (complete with uniform! Ohmygosh! Pictures are coming!)
First astroturf experience: March 7th, see above.
First taste of Ethiopian food: March 7th at Cafe Colucci

Introduction to the joy of dunking one's warm cookie in cold milk: March 12th :)

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